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To help clients better understand how the health care market works, how it affects managed prescription benefits and costs, and to recommend and assist in the delivery of the most efficient and cost effective programs to meet each client's needs.


To provide comprehensive, professional, pharmaceutical consulting, guidance and project management — regarding benefits, administration and programs — for all clients, regardless of size, in all provider segments.

Consult. Audit. Plan.
That's how Cazma crafts solutions.

Why use a consultant to supplement your pharmaceutical benefits efforts and program?

That's an easy one. With the "right" Pharmacy consulting firm, you can save money, upgrade and improve your program, streamline the efficiency of your program, save countless hours and headaches in working with your program, and create happy plan members --- satisfied with their prescription benefit program.

Why use Cazma as your pharmacy benefit consulting firm?

Obviously, we think we're the "right" Pharmacy consultant for you. With our many years of experience, we have learned to "individualize" our services to the "individual" needs of your organization. No two organizations are the same, and no two organizations' needs are the same. We've learned to tailor our services, and each of our specialties, to meeting your unique and "individual" needs.

What should we look for in a pharmacy benefit consulting firm, and does cazma meet all of these criteria?

First of all, the ideal consultant would possess experience. With experience in serving groups of all sizes, in many varied industries. Next, your consultant would offer, and would have established successes with, the many specialized services within the managed care and clinical management practices. Then, lastly, are their rates competitive? Does Cazma meet all of these criteria? Compare consultants and judge for yourself.

What's the difference between a "Hands-on" and a "Hands-off" consultant? A consultant that solely "Consults" and one that "Completes" all tasks at hand?

There are two kinds of Pharmacy benefit consulting firms. One that tells you what's best to be done, and recommends the solutions. Directing you to a third party for implementation, or leaving you to complete the tasks to be done yourself. Then there are the "hands-on," personalized and individualized Pharmacy consulting service providers who implement the solutions needed for you — like us.

What does the future hold for pharmaceutical benefit costs?

Like all other costs in the health care industry, pharmaceutical benefit costs are on a runaway course. No one knows for sure what the future holds, in regard to both legislation and costs. But we have a much greater insight than most. On the basis of our day-to-day activity and our experience, we can pretty much "spot" what's to come and prepare our clients. That's why we emphasize "consult" and "plan" so strongly in our watchwords: "consult - audit - plan."

Nothing speaks like experience

Create a Better, More Efficient,
and Cost Effective Program

Cazma works with you to fine-tune your organization and find the hidden problems that are keeping you from achieving peak performance. Most often, we are solving problems in four key areas:
  • Process analysis
  • Certification prep
  • Negotiation and audits
  • Hidden opportunities
Solving tough problems is how Cazma has earned its reputation. Learn more about our unique approach.
Creating a Better, More Efficient, and Cost Effective Program